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Finding the Good

The Western medical lens focuses on pain, viruses, and germs, which it sees as “bad”, and then focuses on their elimination. The same approach is employed in Western politics: enemies are “bad”, eliminate them. In economics, eliminate that which isn’t producing – companies, products, or employees. In everyday Western life eliminate all fats, oils, and […] Read more


Monday Book Nook: Imagery and Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine by Jeanne Achterberg

For this Monday’s Book Nook it’s an “oldie but goodie” I pulled back off the shelf: Imagery and Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine, by Jeanne Achterberg. For me, this really is a seminal work on the imagination and dreaming, and in particular the role of both in ancient medicine practices which laid foundation to today’s […] Read more

The Complexities of Human Nature

One of the most difficult things to hold is the incredible complexity of the human being. Looking through the home page of today’s BBC news yields a top story about the school shootings in Newtown alongside the incredible breakthrough of a robotic arm able to be controlled by thoughts for use by quadriplegics. A story […] Read more