Bonnie Buckner, PhD



I teach on a variety of subjects for groups of all types. Workshops are experiential, participative, lively, and profound. Using short imagery exercises, waking dream exercises, and various other approaches you will look inside and find your own inner knowing. Offered online and in person, workshop topics vary and custom topics can be requested.

Recent groups include: documentary filmmakers, professional dancers, professional artists and performers, social entrepreneurs, musicians, and career professionals interested in starting a dream group. With these groups we explored creativity through dreaming; the body; communal dreaming and how this is expressed through art; the role of giving and social responsibility; the creative process and how to take a project from idea to completion; deeper meanings of abundance and prosperity; and, how to work with dreams in a group.

Contact me to talk about what your group would like to discover and transform.

Why Am I Blocked?

Why am I blocked, and how does dreaming help?

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Those Old Stories...

How do we know our patterns and how do we change them?

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How to Recognize Your Dreams of Self

Learn more about how to recognize our dreams of Self.

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Maeve Crawford “Creating Calm Network”

Interview with Dr. Buckner discussing “Dream Your Self into Being” and much more about dreaming.

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Personal Power & Dreaming

We talk a lot about “powerful people” or “getting our power back” or “feeling powerful”, but what are do we mean by this?

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Book Excerpt

Read a part of Chapter One from "Dream Your Self Into Being"

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