Why am I blocked, and how does dreaming help?

We enter this world as a blank canvas infused with the passions of goals, curiosity, and our raw set of unique talents. We encounter the world playfully, speaking and navigating with the language of our imagination. We live in the dream.

Along our life path we pick up belief systems, such as “creative jobs make no money”, “no one is there for me”, “I have to do everything”, or “all the men in my family have died from heart problems”. We react to difficulties we face by shutting down vital parts of ourselves, putting in place negative, repetitious patterns, and questioning our own truths. Dreaming is a return to our Self. With dreaming we become the creative being that manifests our material needs, we become our own healer, and we alter fate.

Dreaming remains outside of the narrow restrictions our linear mind has adopted from family, friends, and society, and instead exists in the realm of now and infinite possibility. Through our dreams we are told who we are from a place of truth. Our nightmares alert us to our specific anxieties, fears, and blocks; our clear dreams show us the way through the blocks and into restoration; our great dreams show us how we can surpass even our own vision of ourselves. Each dream carries a necessity or message – by engaging and working with them we transform both our inner and outer lives.

Working with dreams means learning how to understand their messages and re-entering the dreams with our imagination to address the necessities and make the corrections. When we do this we move from a place of stagnancy, cynicism, and malaise to fluidity and vibrancy. We create new responses to the stale, negative patterns that tire us, and learn positive, energizing ways to interact with ourselves and others. We change life situations that appear to be dead-ends into new departure points. From this engaged place life becomes infused with meaning and purpose, we can return to the original goals and curiosity that once fueled our exploration of life, and we begin to courageously and imaginatively contribute to others and the world.

We know ourselves by our dreams. If we don’t begin engaging with them and pursuing our individuality then we are simply a repetition of someone else’s idea of the world. The world doesn’t need a copy – the world needs You.

Mar, 07, 2016