Bonnie Buckner, PhD


Weekly Torah Study

Learn the deeper meanings behind the stories of the Bible.  This class will study the weekly Torah portion (Parshah) from the perspective that the Torah can be opened as a dream.  We will dive deeply into the drash of the parshah, and the class will be informed by midrash, kabbalistic, and other commentaries and teachings. The class will focus on dreaming the texts, with occasional imagery exercises.

Class is joined by signing up for packages of 10.   Each class is 90 minutes. Online via video conference

Sundays | April 23 - June 30, 2017 | 9a Pacific (US) | 12noon Eastern (US) | 18h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.

Sundays | September 10 - November 19, 2017 | 9a Pacific (US) | 12noon Eastern (US) | 19h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.
Note: There will be no class October 29.

Why Am I Blocked?

Why am I blocked, and how does dreaming help?

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Those Old Stories...

How do we know our patterns and how do we change them?

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How to Recognize Your Dreams of Self

Learn more about how to recognize our dreams of Self.

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Maeve Crawford “Creating Calm Network”

Interview with Dr. Buckner discussing “Dream Your Self into Being” and much more about dreaming.

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Individual Dreams

Hear me work with an individual dream.

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Personal Power & Dreaming

We talk a lot about “powerful people” or “getting our power back” or “feeling powerful”, but what are do we mean by this?

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