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Finding the Good

The Western medical lens focuses on pain, viruses, and germs, which it sees as “bad”, and then focuses on their elimination. The same approach is employed in Western politics: enemies are “bad”, eliminate them. In economics, eliminate that which isn’t producing – companies, products, or employees. In everyday Western life eliminate all fats, oils, and […] Read more


Jews and Eating … Gastro-Obsession or Spiritual Manifesting?

It’s countdown to the High Holydays and all I am thinking about is cooking. How many people are coming, who eats what, how do I keep everything warm before serving… There are at least a million jokes about Jews and eating. Is it just a gastro-obsession, or is there something else behind it? While it […] Read more

Begin Again: A Lesson from the High HolyDays

The Jewish High HolyDays have wrapped. They started with the New Year, Rosh Hashanah, followed by Yom Kippur, the Atoning. They concluded with the festival of Sukot, and finally the celebration of Simchat Torah. Each of these offers us unending insights. Together, they also give us a lesson in their sequence. The first is Rosh […] Read more

Meaning of Life

Shana Tova – Happy New Year!   It’s a new year for the Jewish calendar, and in this time of new beginnings it feels appropriate to be launching my blog and website anew.  In that spirit the topic of this blog is a little lesson from the High Holy Days.  Spoiler alert: The meaning of life […] Read more