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Time for Change!

The last few months have seen me working to manifest a big dream of mine: Dream Your World, which is aimed at bringing dreaming tools to girls and young women, to create empowered young dreamers who will envision and manifest positive change in their lives and world. It’s exciting, important … and, has me thinking […] Read more

Nov, 29, 2017




Monday Book Nook: Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan, by Jamie Zeppa

Part of becoming a great dreamer is to be comfortable with change. In this wonderful book author Zeppa, a young woman who had never traveled outside her native Canada, chronicles her journey accepting a rare (22 people a year for the whole country) teaching job in remote Bhutan. Absolutely fearlessly she writes all her feelings […] Read more


Change is the one thing that is a constant in our lives, and yet it seems to be that which we most struggle with. Why is it that seasons seamless flow into one another, days effortlessly become shorter or longer, and yet humans grasp onto sameness with rigid, tight grips? What is the secret to […] Read more

Feb, 27, 2014




The Complexities of Human Nature

One of the most difficult things to hold is the incredible complexity of the human being. Looking through the home page of today’s BBC news yields a top story about the school shootings in Newtown alongside the incredible breakthrough of a robotic arm able to be controlled by thoughts for use by quadriplegics. A story […] Read more