Bonnie Buckner, PhD


Individual Coaching

What: Coaching sessions are individually targeted to help you shift past your specific patterns and blocks so that you can recognize, and live your greatest potentials. You’ll experience working with your imagination to answer questions, resolve immediate issues, identify your true goals and steps to getting there. You will surprise yourself with the real You that you discover.

How: Each coaching session is one hour. I work with clients around the world using Skype or Facetime. No technology experience required. Techniques used include dream techniques, waking dream exercises, and imagery exercises. You can schedule a single session here. Session packages are also available.

Why: Dreaming is a language of creative problem solving. It’s about using the imagination to cut through the noise of outside voices, limits, judgments, and constraints to find what’s true for you. It’s a different way of thinking, it’s a different approach. If you’ve been doing the same thing and not getting where you want to go, it’s time to try something new.


Dr. Buckner

New to the dreaming work? The Starter Pack is for you.

The Starter Pack is three targeted sessions that gives you a taste of the work and how it can work for you.


  • Session 1: Basic dreaming need-to-know; Identifying your real question
  • Session 2: What are your blocks; How you transform them
  • Session 3: Envisioning your new future; Your next steps to get there.

In just three sessions you’ll have solid guidelines for how to start thinking about your life from a new perspective.

So whether your concerns are “What’s my next step?”, or “What should I be doing with my life?”; “How do I make this decision?”, or “How do I break through my creative block?”, the Starter Pack will give you new insights, tools, and vantage points to solve your problems and get on your path.


Ongoing Student? The Continuing Student Package is for you.


Dr. BucknerThis package is for you if you are already familiar with the dream work, and would like to continue working toward your goals. With the Continuing Students package you will gain a 10% discount by choosing to schedule five sessions.



People who have worked with me have:

  • Broken through creative paralysis to write and produce music CDs; go on multi-city national music tours; produce and direct national theatrical performances; complete PhDs; host a nationally syndicated talk show; establish a film-production company; and, write and produce documentaries, reality-based and fiction projects.
  • Left 9-5 jobs and started successful companies with Fortune 500 companies as clients.
  • Stepped out of the rat race to start-up entrepreneurial initiatives, or create new management and partnership configurations, that allow them to set their own schedules and pace and reclaim life with their families and self.
  • Made mid-career leaps from corporate to creative, and from creative to corporate.
  • Found and resurrected buried talents.
  • Discovered paths that make their lives meaningful and purpose-filled.

Individual coaching sessions follow YOUR dream

We start with a recent night dream. If you don’t have a dream, don’t worry – we dream continuously (even while awake!), and the language we use to talk about our daily lives reveals our dream. I hear the dream you are dreaming which shows your patterns and blocks, and reveals your potentials. Then I help you shift beyond your patterns and blocks so that you can transform.

Waking dream and imagery exercises are two of the techniques that I use. These techniques use short prompts that allow you, with eyes closed, to bypass habitual thinking and see a greater truth. Through these techniques you will discover that you already have all the answers inside - my work is to help you see this and to help you find your own keys, unlock your own doors.

Working with dreams is a powerful tool for evolution and transformation. It is how we know the Self.

Are you ready to dream your Self into Being?

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