Bonnie Buckner, PhD


Imagery Classes

WHAT Imagery exercises are a way of looking inside ourselves to learn who we are at a deeper level. It is a method of dreaming while awake.

WHY Taking these classes you will:

    • Identify and overcome your blocks
    • Learn how to make decisions and manifest your goals
    • Increase your creativity and develop problem-solving techniques
    • Improve your relationships
    • Discover and develop your True Self
    • Recognize your real questions, potentials, and find your life path

HOW Unless noted or requested all classes are taught online via video conference. No technology experience required.

Classes are organized around specific topics - such as creativity, business performance, or relationships - and are lively and experiential. For groups of 3 or more classes can be custom-scheduled at alternative times, and custom-topics can be arranged. For large groups, in-person classes and workshops can be me.

Classes are offered in 10-week semesters: Fall, Winter, Spring. Not every class is offered every semester - please check the events calendar. During summer and throughout the year special "pop up" classes are offered - please check this page to see what special classes are running.

If you plan to do two or more classes you might consider a Learning Track. Learning Tracks are put together to help you know which classes are the best fit for you. Each track directs you through a sequence toward a specific goal so that you know where to start, and in what order to take the classes, to get the most out of the work for your personal needs and to receive discounts on pricing. Read more.

Classes are paid in full before the first class. To arrange to pay for classes in 2 payments, or if you have a question about prerequisites, please email me.

Available Classes

Self-Study Classes (Available Anytime)
Fall 2017
Pop-Up Classes
Winter 2018
Self-Study Dream Class
Learn how to work with your dreams on your schedule, at your pace, anywhere you happen to be! Includes email exchanges with Dr. Buckner.
What Should I Be Doing With My Life?
Answer the fundamental question to find your purpose and dare to dream a bigger vision of yourself.
Creative Success: From Idea to Creation in 10 Weeks.
For creative and executive professionals, break through blocked patterns to creatively manifest a project.
Manifestation Master Class.
It isn’t enough to simply dream – we must bring the dream into being. Get over your blocks and learn how to turn your dreams into waking realities.
The Body.
Your body determines how you relate to self and others. Learn to clear your body to choose new responses to challenges and relationships.
The Life Plan.
You are not your emotions! Learn your specific reactions by mapping your inner emotional traps and create new destinations of feeling and response.
Step over belief systems and challenges that separate you from your natural sense of connection, and return.
All of life is relationship. Identify and resolve what blocks you from harmonious and reciprocal exchange.
Communal Dreaming and Social Change.
Learn to read communal/societal dreams and know your role in how to move toward positive social change.
Executive Spirit Walk.
For the career professional, up your game by learning creative problem solving techniques, transform boredom and routine into purpose and meaning, develop successful relationships with collaborators and colleagues.
Pop-Up Imagery Class
Male and Female
Stories for Our Times
Use imagery exercises to understand and “dream” classic stories to discover essential tools we all possess for transforming our own lives, and as a result, our communities.

Vérité Published

Interview with Dr. Buckner

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Why am I blocked, and how does dreaming help?

Learn more about blocks and how dreaming helps.

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Those Old Stories...

Learn more about patterns and how to get out of them.

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How to Recognize Your Dreams of Self

Learn more about how to recognize our dreams of Self.

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Personal Power & Dreaming

We talk a lot about “powerful people” or “getting our power back” or “feeling powerful”, but what are do we mean by this?

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Individual Dreams

Hear me work with an individual dream.

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