How to Recognize Your Dreams of Self

Dreaming is expressed through our passions. It’s how we say and become “Who we are”. Endeavoring to realize our passions is a path to self-discovery and growth. The moment we step into the journey of realizing our passions we encounter the blocks that show us where, inside, we need to grow. Either we let these blocks paralyze us, which means they become a nightmare, or we face their challenges and step beyond the limitations to live the Great Dream.

Do we have the courage to say out-loud who we are? To express our likes and dislikes? To express ourselves in activities and work of choice, rather than a fixed track of parental, societal, or familial expectations? To do so is the path of the Great Dreamer.

What we do in life – our work, our creativity – is the waking manifestation of our dreams. Making these passions real is what grounds our dreaming and connects us to others. Creativity and work are the outlets for us to express our uniqueness, and to add our value to the world in tangible ways. When we embark upon creativity and business – our passions – with this intent then what we do becomes important and meaningful.

Pursuing our passions means discovering our unique Self, and daring to voice and live this Self distinct from those around us or our backgrounds. Therefore, daring to dream, and overcoming the personal nightmares that block us from realizing these passions and our potential, is a path to spiritual growth and freedom.

Our passions are the bridge between our astonishing uniqueness and our family, friends, community and world. They are how we communicate Self to the Other. To discover and live this is to come to Selfhood. Selfhood is undeniable, non-negotiable and completely exceptional Being-ness. It is not only our own journey; when we come to Selfhood we increase the creativity and potential of the entire planet.

When we don’t pursue our passions – our dream of Self – our journey becomes a nightmare. Nightmares express the blocks we have between who we are and who we’re meant to be.  But these blocks we face – usually manifested in terms of excuses and reasons as to “why I can’t…” – are simply doors into where we need to transform inside.

If we allow our dreams to teach us we can unlock our potential, open the doors of transformation, and discover the answers we already possess; if we have the courage to bring these revelations into our waking reality, and manifest our truth, uniqueness, and passions, then we Become. When we do that we contribute to society and the world. This is our life’s purpose.

Mar, 21, 2016