Dream Your Self Into Being

Everyone dreams – but do you know what your dreams are telling you?

In Dream Your Self into Being Dr. Bonnie Buckner takes readers on a personal dreaming journey and teaches them to understand the messages of their dreams for powerful personal transformation. As she writes: “Dreaming puts you in the driver’s seat of You.” Includes imagery exercises to kick-start your dreaming process, and a guide for starting a dream group.

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Dream Your Self Into Being Audio Book

We are all the time dreaming ourselves into being. Either we are dreaming our true blueprint - which is vibrant, alive, purpose-filled, and creative - or we are dreaming nightmares of where our dreaming has become stuck, blocked, paralyzed, or stale.

In Dream Your Self into Being, author Bonnie Buckner shows you how to transform your nightmares into clear dreams to return to your true blueprint.  By following her personal dream journey and other examples you will see how working with your dreams can be a tool to create the life you want to live.

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audio book (read by author))

Book Excerpt

Read a part of Chapter One from "Dream Your Self Into Being"

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Book Club Questions

Inspired? Curious? Motivated? Now it's your turn to discuss dreaming. Here are some questions to help.

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Press Room

Download Dr. Bonnie Buckner's bio, press photo, book information and more at the press room.

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Maeve Crawford “Creating Calm Network”

Interview with Dr. Buckner discussing “Dream Your Self into Being” and much more about dreaming.

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Bill Poett "Positively Speaking"

Bill Poett and Dr. Buckner talk about dreams, opening dreams, and more.

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Tazz and Paula "Embracing Mother Earth"

Dr. Buckner spends the hour with Tazz and Paula talking about "Dream Your Self Into Being"

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