Bonnie Buckner, PhD

Dream Your World Conference

Online Conference and Annual Project to Create Empowered Dreamers Among Young Women

CONFERENCE 2017 October 26 - 28

Did you know that over half of school-aged children worldwide who are not being educated are girls? That less than 6% of CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies and less than 25% of Parliamentary and Government positions worldwide are held by women? And did you know that women are still paid less than men, 15-20% less in the US and Europe and more in other developed countries?

It's time to Dream Bigger.

The Young Women’s Dream Your World into Being international conference is a movement to create empowered dreamers among young women who will envision, create, and manifest positive changes in their lives, their communities, and their world.

Aimed at girls and young women aged 8-29 this project starts from the belief that the world we live in is dreamed into being as a global community, and that without the dreams of women we are missing important perspectives and abilities for solving world problems. Through a combination 3-day online conference followed by participant-focused projects we teach young women how to dream – to envision disruptive and game-changing leaps into the future, and then support them with actual steps to manifest their dreams into waking realities.

Conference 2017 runs October 26 - 28. It is open to the public. Come join us to hear 3 days of presentations of how imaginative dreamers around the world are transforming their lives and communities. Then follow our participants on our Dream Your World throughout the year and learn with them as they identify a necessity in a communal dream and respond to it.

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