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Learning to understand and work with your dreams is learning how to manifest the life you want.  Dreams tell you who you are, what you’re capable of, where you’re blocked, and how to transform. Dreaming is an essential aspect of the well-examined life and integral to our spiritual search and connection with self and others.  At the same time, dreaming is fundamentally practical - dreams provide real tools for powerful self transformation and manifestation.  Ultimately, becoming a Great Dreamer is to learn how to create positive change in your self and your life, and to find for yourself that you already have all the answers inside you.

Beginners Dream Group

This class is for you if you are new to the method of working with dreams that I teach.  In this class you will learn how to remember your dreams, the 7 different kinds of dreams, how to recognize if a dream is resolved or unresolved, how to resolve an unresolved dream, the four levels for looking at dreams, and a series of steps to be used individually or in groups for working with your dreams.  The class is experiential, and we will work with one dream each week that is brought in by you and class participants.  Having completed this class you will be able to work with your own dreams and transform your nightmares into clear dreams.

10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video conference | $450

Available Classes:

Mondays | September 11 - November 13, 2017 | 7a Pacific (US) | 10a Eastern (US) | 16h CEST  | Click here to register.

Sundays | January 21 - April 15, 2018 | 12n Pacific (US) | 3p Eastern (US) | 21h CEST | Click here to register.
(Note: Class runs 10 sessions - there will be no class Feb 18, March 18, and March 25)

Tuesdays | January 23 - April 3, 2018 | 7a Pacific (US) | 10a Eastern (US) | 16h CEST  | Click here to register.
(Note - there will be no class March 20)

Listen to an example of a Dream Group here.

To schedule a custom beginners dream group class for you and your group email me!


Advanced Dream Group

In the Advanced Dream Group we work with one dream per class brought in by participants, integrating the base vocabulary, categories, and steps learned from the Beginning class.  The focus is on deepening your dreaming facility by integrating dreaming into waking life as a holistic way of moving and being in the world.  Emphasis is placed in determining the necessity of dreams.  Lucid dreaming, meeting others in dreams, and manifesting objects in dreams will be explored.  Dreaming exercises will be given to work on during the days between classes.

This class can be, and is recommended to be, repeated.  Each group, each stage in our life, brings new perspectives that the new and seasoned dreamer alike will learn from and use to move to ever deeper understandings of Self and dreaming.

Prerequisite: Beginners Dream Group, Self Study Dream Class, or if you have worked with me individually or at a workshop (if you aren’t sure please email me

10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video conference

Available Classes:

Sundays | September 10 - November 19, 2017 | 7a Pacific (US); 10a Eastern (US); 16h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.
Note - there will be no class October 29.

Sundays | January 21 - April 15, 2018 | 10a Pacific (US); 1pm Eastern (US); 19h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.
Note - there will be no class Feb 18, March 18, March 25

Tuesdays | January 23 - April 3, 2018 | 9a Pacific (US); 12n Eastern (US); 18h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.
Note - there will be no class March 20

Self Study Dream Class

The Self-Study Dream Class introduces you to the specific type of dreaming that I teach at your own pace, time, and space, and with the ability to interact with me via email during the time of the course. In this class you will learn all the tools you need to understand the messages of your dreams, transform your nightmares, and engage in a daily practice of dreamwork.

The class is conceived around 6 weeks of material that takes about 1 hour each week, plus the time to dream and write your dream each morning. However, you can move more quickly or slowly as needed. Each week contains:

  • A video from me
  • A written post
  • Short, fun homework
  • Bonus posts (video and/or written)
You’ll also receive a downloadable guide at the end of the class with a summary of the information you’ve learned and the steps for working with your dreams.

In this class you will learn:

  • The seven types of dreams
  • The four levels of dreams
  • How to speak the language of your dreams
  • Steps for working with your dreams
  • How to transform nightmares
  • How to have a dream practice

Completing a dream class is a prerequisite for many of my imagery classes, and this Self-Study Dream Class fulfills that prerequisite.

Sign up with five friends and receive a free, live, online (via video conference) 90-minute dream group class with Bonnie to get you started on your own group to continue the dream work after the class!


Please include your current email when registering with PayPal for this class.


Please Note

For groups of 3 or more any of the above online classes are available to be custom-scheduled at alternative times. If you have a group and are interested in forming your own time please email me at

If requested, all online, live classes can be paid for in 2 payments on the 1st and the 5th class. To arrange for payment plans or if you have questions please contact

Dream Groups

Listen to a full dream class.

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Remember Your Dreams

Learn how to remember your dreams.

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Individual Dreams

Hear me work with an individual dream.

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Bill Poett "Positively Speaking"

Bill Poett and Dr. Buckner talk about dreams, opening dreams, and more.

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Personal Power & Dreaming

We talk a lot about “powerful people” or “getting our power back” or “feeling powerful”, but what are do we mean by this?

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4 Levels of Dreams

These four levels of dreams can be applied to our waking lives.

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