The Executive Track

The Executive Track

The Executive Track is aimed at the business professional, whether you are an entrepreneur and own your own company, work with others, or manage or lead groups or organizations. It is created knowing the bigger picture of business – that, at its core, business is a path of personal development that challenges us to face obstacles with creativity and courage, enables us to exercise and exchange our unique talents with those of others, is based on relationships and reciprocity, and that if it is not done with meaning and purpose it is for nothing.

From the beginning of time humans have stepped into dark jungles and traveled to new lands to face what scares us, discover something new, and bring something home. The modern equivalent of that is the business world. In the world of business we are tossed in front of the wild animals of co-workers and competitors, take long journeys with nothing but the torch of our passion and idea to guide us, and meet the dragons of our greatest fears and insecurities who sit on the treasure we long to capture. If viewed in this way, the path of business is the path of knowing the self and moving from frightened recruit to confident conqueror. It is learning what you have to contribute to the world, and how to recognize and appreciate the contributions of others. And, ultimately, it is about making your daily efforts be a part of something that counts, that adds to the world in a positive way, long after you’re gone.

Taking this track you will learn:

  • How to step out of the noise of others and find your own inner Truth
  • The role of dreaming, and how to use your dreaming, to creatively choose and construct your life path
  • The obstacles and blocks that hold you back, where they come from, and how to overcome them
  • What makes you individual, your set of unique talents, and how to best contribute them
  • What it means to set a goal and how to determine between goals infused with truth and goals that come from fantasy
  • How to manifest true goals into lived realities
  • How to work with others – forming groups, being a leader, being led, team-work, and the exchange of competition and cooperation
  • The Executive Track consists of the following classes:

    • 10-week series Dream Group Class
    • 10-week series What Should I Be Doing with My Life Class
    • 10-week series Manifestation Master Class
    • 10-week series Executive Spirit Walk Class
    • Two 10-week series private sessions for individual work*

    *Private sessions allow space to take the experiences from the classes and go more deeply and more personal. They are taken in a series of 10 consecutive sessions (one per week). Consecutive sessions allow for a focused, concentrated work that will yield greater results. While the other classes in the track must follow the specific order specified, the two private session series can be planned at any time during your path on the track.

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