The Creative Track

The Creative Track

The Creative Track has both the creative professional and the business professional in mind, as well as anyone seeking to develop and hone their creative skills.

Every one of us is creative, whether that is our professional pursuit or not. However, for many of us the relationship we have with our creativity gets locked away as we move from the magic of childhood into adults. We are told to “color in the lines”, “stop day-dreaming”, “grow up”, “get a real job”, and that “artists never make money”. These belief systems cause us to deny our creative capacities specifically and in general. A common creativity test used throughout the US shows that, when faced with a simple problem, children under the age of 11 will come up with an average of 92 unique responses. That same problem elicits half the unique responses by teens, and only 2 unique responses by adult groups.

Does that mean that as adults we are doomed to a gray, monotone life? Of course not!

Returning to our creativity is as simple as re-discovering the key, the lock, and unlocking the door where we hid away our creativity as we matured. Weeding through the jungle between now and finding that key entails cleaning out those out, contradictory belief systems; overcoming your own personal inner-critic and self-doubt; and, reuniting with the relaxed imaginative state that we experienced as children, which is our natural state of being. In this space not only will you be more creative in your work, you will be more responsive to all life situations, responding to problems with easy-solutions that step out of the failures of repetition. In addition, your entire life will become more vibrant, alive, colorful, imaginative, and playful.

Taking this track you will learn:

  • How to re-engage with your imagination
  • What blocks you from your creativity and how to overcome those blocks
  • The role of dreaming in creativity and how to use your dreams as a creative tool
  • The different forms your creativity can take (professional or non)
  • How to actively manifest ideas into being

You will develop specific tools for:

  • Facing the blank canvas and page
  • Getting out of the trap of procrastination
  • Bursting through creative stagnation, dead-ends, or “blocks”
  • Choosing between myriad ideas and directions

The track culminates by taking a specific idea through the steps of the creative process outlined in the Creative Success class so that you can practice and integrate-in-action the base ideas of the preceding classes into producing an actual creative project.

The Creative Track consists of these classes:

  • 10-week series Dream Group class
  • 10-week series What Should I Be Doing with My Life
  • 10-week series Manifestation Master Class
  • 10-week series Creative Success: From Idea to Creation in 10 Weeks
  • Two 10-week series private sessions for individual work*

*Private sessions allow space to take the experiences from the classes and go more deeply and more personal. They are taken in a series of 10 consecutive sessions (one per week). Consecutive sessions allow for a focused, concentrated work that will yield greater results. While the other classes in the track must follow the specific order specified, the two private session series can be planned at any time during your path on the track.

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