The Connection Track

The Connection Track

The Connection Track is important for individuals from all walks of life, and from any profession, who are seeking to move beyond the ordinary to discover their deep inner life, and to evolve and develop their inner, intuitive, connected Self.

We are suffering today from Separation Sickness (thank you to Anna Breytenbach for this phrase).

It is a separation of us to our Self, of us to Other, and of us to Nature and all of Creation. From this place of separation we make decisions from our heads based on how it will be perceived by others and neglect the integrity of our own Truth. Tossed from our True Path we feel doubts about our direction, are often overwhelmed by having to make decisions, look to others to tell us what to do, and experience guilt from having let our Self down. We feel upset at the state of the environment, the loss of animals, and the human conflicts around the globe, but remain paralyzed in feeling powerless to make change.

There is a Cure.

The way to reverse Separation Sickness is to return to Connection. Returning to the True Self creates a rooted, wise, tree-like existence that recognizes the needs of the soul and pursues them confidently. Decisions become easy because our Truth is evident; separating from it again becomes non-negotiable. From this place of wholeness there is space for Self and Other; for human and nature. We walk a peaceful path that leaves a small footprint – environmentally, emotionally, and psychologically – while at the same time resonating positively in ways that touch others far beyond ourselves. It is a place saturated with the confidence of meaning and purpose, where we find our own unique way to make the positive change we seek in the world.

Taking this track you will:

  • Learn how to find and reconnect to your inner Truth
  • Make decisions based from your body-knowing
  • Learn how dreams are the mechanism for this reconnection to Self, Truth, and Other
  • Understand the language of images and dreams in order to dialogue with your inner Truth and intuitively connect with Other

You will discover what it is to walk in the dreamtime – to be conscious in your dreaming while asleep and to be conscious to your dreaming while awake. You will take away life-long tools of:

  • Steps for working with your dreams
  • How to identify the necessity of dreams in sleeping and waking times and how to address them
  • How to transform nightmares in sleeping and waking times
  • Your own individual map of your emotional reactions to situations and how to move those reactions into places of feeling and response
  • How to step out of the linear story and into a place of quiet connection, where we can communicate with self and others, even nature, regardless of time or distance

The Connection Track consists of these classes:

  • 10-week series Dream Group Class
  • 10-week series Body Class
  • 10-week series Life Plan Class
  • 10-week series Intuition Class
  • Two 10-week series private sessions for individual work*

*Private sessions allow space to take the experiences from the classes and go more deeply and more personal. They are taken in a series of 10 consecutive sessions (one per week). Consecutive sessions allow for a focused, concentrated work that will yield greater results. While the other classes in the track must follow the specific order specified, the two private session series can be planned at any time during your path on the track.

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