Stories for Our Times

Is the world worse than ever?

A quick glance across the field of history reveals difficult times for every generation. The monsters and tyrants in the stories of old exist today – they simply carry different names and a smartphone. The heroes of those times found ways to surmount their challenges. When we look at their stories, we can find wisdom and a blueprint for how we approach – and ultimately transform – our own.

In this special class we will use imagery exercises to understand and “dream” classic stories from Noah and the Flood to Beowulf, from David and Goliath to Moses and the Egyptians, and more. Doing so, we will discover essential tools we all possess for transforming our own lives, and as a result, our communities.

No prerequisites; online via Zoom video conference

10 classes | Tuesdays October 17 – December 19, 2017 | 12n Pacific (US) | 3p Eastern (NY) | 21h CEST |

$450 USD Click here to register