The moment I am, there are two:   Me, and Other.

Life boils down to relationships.  We are in relationship with Self, Other, and all of creation – the plants, trees, animals, fish, birds, rocks, our planet and the stars surrounding us.  How to be in Right Relationship is perhaps our greatest challenge to being human. Nothing provokes this challenge more than our intimate relationships with partner and family.

In the Relationships Class you will discover what it is to be in Right Relationship with another, and what blocks you from harmonious and reciprocal exchange.  Questions that will be explored include: “How can I retain my individuality while also seeking to partner?”; “Is there a difference between romantic love and partner love?”; “What if my partner changes – what if I change?”; “What are the limits to compromise?” “Is there a constructive way to disagree and argue?”; “How do we build bridges back to each other?”; “How do we heal when we’ve hurt?”; “Can the flame of passion be reignited?”

Learning how to “Other” – to be present before another person and to empathically hear the other while allowing them to be who they are, exactly as they are, without judgement, expectation, or wishing to change them – is one of our greatest spiritual pursuits and a path to our own inner development.  If we learn how to truly “Other” we can build the relationships that nourish and enrich, and create deeply satisfying partnerships, families, and communities.

While this class will focus on all relationships in general, there will be a specific emphasis on intimate partnerships.

10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video chat | $450

Email me to schedule a custom time and class for you and your group.