Pop-Up Imagery Class: Male and Female

A post-election healing.

One thing the recent American Presidential election has revealed is that there is an imbalance in how Americans, and perhaps the world, understands gender. These outer imbalances start with our inner understandings. Equally, we internalize outer, cultural impositions. Ultimately, each one of us – male or female – contains both energies. Healing this imbalance, then, begins with understanding our own, individual, deeper feelings about gender and finding a balance to the conflict inside.

This Pop-Up class will use short imagery exercises for you discover your deep understandings about gender and bridge conflicts within. This is deep healing work – for the individual and the planet. Each time one of us untangles our inner energies we bring Light and Possibility into the world as a whole.

  • Wednesday November 16
  • 21h Central Europe/ 12noon Pacific US/ 3pm Eastern US
  • 2 hours
  • $30 USD
  • Live, via video chat (can join via smartphone, tablet, computer)
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