Manifestation Master Class


Dreaming is composed primarily of two steps : receiving the dream and then manifesting the dream in our waking reality. It isn’t enough to simply dream – we must bring the dream into being. It is only then that we have created something new.

How to manifest our dreams is a critical question affecting all of us today. How do we become and live the person we are meant to be? How do we make and live the life that we want? How do we make and live the family, community, and world that we want? How do we bring about positive change?

To become a Master Dreamer is to become a Master Manifester.

In this class you will dive deeply into this “second step” of dreaming. Using imagery exercises, waking dreams, and other “homework” exercises you will learn what it means to manifest dreams, overcome personal blocks that stand in the way of your manifesting your dreams, and sharpen your skills for manifesting.

This class is personally important to me. I have realized more and more the last few years of teaching that what is missing is a real understanding of how to bring our dreams out of the realm of receiving and understanding, and into the realm of response : manifesting. I believe we dream our Selves and our world into being, and until we begin to engage with the world actively, in response, change will not occur. Equally, as soon as we begin to respond we can dream and build a better world into being.

If you’ve ever received a dream, and understood the new possibilities it has opened for you, but then woken up and asked “Ok, but so now what?” then this class is for you. Here you will answer the “Now What”. Come prepared to boldly transform.

Prerequisite: Beginner’s Dream Group

10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video conference

Mondays | September 11 – November 13, 2017 | 10a PST, 1p EST, 19h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.

Wednesdays | January 24 – April 4, 2018 | 7a PST, 10a EST, 16h CEST | $450 | Click here to register.