Intuition is about connection – to Self, Others, Nature, and all of Creation.

As children we are in touch with this Knowing Self we call Intuition. We recognize the complete interconnectedness of everything, we live in a relaxed relationship to our bodies and nature, we playfully and imaginatively engage with life, we are deeply Present.

As we begin to mature, and especially upon entering school, we are confronted with belief systems and challenges that separate us from our natural sense of connection.  We are told “that’s impossible”, “dreams are silly”, “stop making things up”, “you couldn’t have seen that”, “act like a grown-up”, “pay attention and get serious”, or we are simply ignored and dismissed altogether.

These confrontations teach us to ignore and dismiss our Self.  Ignoring and dismissing our essential Self creates a disconnect, an unnatural separation, that causes us to feel confused; overwhelmed or unsure in the face of decisions; to experience pain, regrets, anxieties, and other maladies; and to question or even lose our path.  Life that was once imaginative becomes dull and routine.

Fortunately, we can return to this place of connectedness, to our Intuitive Self.

Through a series of imagery exercises, and fun exercises to be done at home between classes, the Intuition Class helps you to return to your core connectedness, the place of intuition.  Like walking through an orchard, you will leave behind the busy restlessness of the separated self and return to the tranquil, flowing brook of the Intuitive Self.  You will learn how to step out of the cluttered voices of others and “story” to find the Still, Quiet Voice within that is your Truth.

Prerequisite: Beginner’s Dream Group class + The Body class

10 weeks| 90 minutes | online via video conference | $450

Wednesdays | April 26, 2017 – June 28, 2017 | 12n Pacific (US) | 3p Eastern (US) | 21h CEST  | Click here to register.

Email me to schedule a custom time and class for you and your group.