Executive Spirit Walk


Modern business calls upon us to make quick choices with decisive forward movement, leaving little time for deeper reflection. The benefit of this is learning to manifest and take risks; the downfall is finding ourselves in the midst of our career path feeling stripped of meaning and lacking real purpose. When this happens the tendency is often to look outside our current positions to try and find that greater purpose in life. This may be the right choice, however, meaning can also be found where we currently are.

The Executive Spirit Walk class is designed for the career professional to discover the rich purpose available in your current positions, as well as to imaginatively explore whether or not this is your true path at the moment (and if it is time for a change, to discern how and where to make that change). It is a class that will teach you how to find meaning in your efforts, and to focus your efforts toward greater meaning. You will learn how to develop deeper relationships with collaborators, colleagues, and staff. As a result, your professional life will reach a new dynamism, which will also extend out into your personal life. Boredom and routine will dissipate and you will find yourself greeting your days and your newfound goals with enthusiasm and creativity.

The class runs for 10 weeks and consists of 12 sessions:

• 4 90-minute group workshops

• 6 90-minute dream groups (with class mates; not put together with on-going dream groups)

• 2 90-minute individual imagery sessions (scheduled individually during course of the class at student’s convenience)

Between sessions there will be exercises for work to be done individually at home.

10 weeks | 12 sessions | 90 minutes | online via video conference


Wednesdays | April 25, 2017 – June 27, 2017 | 4a Pacific US, 7a Eastern US, 13h CEST | $550 | Click here to register.

Email me to schedule a custom time and class for you and your group.