Creative Success: From Idea to Creation in 10 Weeks


This class is for you if you are a creative or executive professional with an idea you’ve wanted to explore or with a project you’re already presently working on.  This can be, as examples, a written project (screenplay, novel, play, presentation), art project (painting, sculpture), a business plan, or a music endeavor.  The purpose of the class is to expand your creativity through a series of imagery and dream exercises, and to address areas where blocks have or may occur. By working in a group you will learn more clearly how blocked patterns in our creativity can manifest, and how to shift them to productivity. We will set agreed-upon goals for your project, with check-in points to ensure that you move forward to arrive at the end of the class with a finished draft/project no matter the size. Bring to the class your idea or project and get ready to imagine it into tangible being!

The class runs for 10 weeks and consists of:

• 2 90-minute group goal-setting/brain-storming sessions

• 5 90-minute imagery workshops

• 2 90-minute individual imagery sessions (to be scheduled individually during course of the class at student’s convenience)

• Final group class/party to reveal manifested project and discuss where to go next(!):

Between sessions there will be exercises for work to be done individually at home.


10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video conference

Email me to schedule a custom time and class for you and your group.