Communal Dreaming and Social Change


The world is a mess.  Or is it?

Even as dreams are individual, we also dream as a community.  As a community we are constantly dreaming ourselves – our societies – into being.  We can see the fragments of these dreams in art, media, architecture, governments, laws, organizations, and social constructs.  This process of community-making is happening all the time, whether we recognize it or not.  However, instead of being swept along unaware to the process, we can become intentionally conscious of our communal dreaming and begin to direct it toward positive social change.

The concept of tikkun olam tells us that we each have a role in healing the world.  That each of us has a specific contribution we can make such that, without that contribution, a part of the world remains waiting.  It is easy to look at the world as a problem too big to fix, as a problem beyond our own means of intervention.  However, even as the world is challenged today, there are great and exciting movements happening to change it, most of which are coming from individuals and small groups.  Every one of us counts.

In this class we will examine communal dreams through art, media, architecture, governments, and social constructs.  You will learn how to look at the world as a dreamer – identifying the communal dreams, discerning the patterns in the communal dreams, knowing whether they are nightmares or clear, finding the necessities, and creatively dreaming and manifesting responses to address those necessities and transform the nightmares.  You will also discover your own individual role in both the creation and healing of our world.

Prerequisite: Beginning Dream Group class.

10 weeks | 90 minutes | online via video conference | $450

Thursdays | January 25 – April 5, 2018 | 7a PST | 10a EST | 16h CEST | Click here to register.

Email me to schedule a custom time and class for you and your group.