The Communal Dreaming and Social Change Track

The Communal Dreaming and Social Change Track

This track is aimed at the individual or professional who is involved in social change activities and organizations, be it as an artist, organizer, NGO member, social entrepreneur, volunteer, philanthropist, or politician.

Even as dreams are individual, we also dream as a community. As a community we are constantly dreaming ourselves – our societies – into being. We can see the fragments of these dreams in art, media, architecture, governments, laws, organizations, and social constructs. This process of community-making is happening all the time, whether we recognize it or not. However, instead of being swept along unaware to the process, we can become intentionally conscious of our communal dreaming and begin to direct it toward positive social change.

Taking this track you will learn:

  • Foundational steps to dreaming and how to apply them to communal dreams
  • The four levels of dreams and how that applies to waking life on a social level
  • How to discern patterns in communal dreams through the dreaming fragments of art, media, architecture, and etc.
  • To recognize and name the communal dreams we are dreaming right now, and to name them as nightmare or clear dream
  • To identify the necessities indicated by today’s communal dreams
  • To conceive creative responses and solutions to today’s communal necessities, and clear means for transforming the nightmares

You will complete this track knowing your role in both the creation and healing of our world (tikkun olam).

The Communal Dreaming and Social Change Track consists of these classes:

  • 10-week series Dream Group Class
  • 10-week series Life Plan Class
  • 10-week series Manifestation Master Class
  • 10-week series Communal Dreaming and Social Change Class
  • Two 10-week series private sessions for individual work*

*Private sessions allow space to take the experiences from the classes and go more deeply and more personal. They are taken in a series of 10 consecutive sessions (one per week). Consecutive sessions allow for a focused, concentrated work that will yield greater results. While the other classes in the track must follow the specific order specified, the two private session series can be planned at any time during your path on the track.

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