The Great Dreamer Track

The Great Dreamer Track

The Great Dreamer Track is the most fundamental track, important for individuals from all walks of life, and from any profession, who are seeking to discover their deep inner life, and to evolve and develop their inner Self. It is also aimed at the individual who wishes to work more deeply with their dreams by starting and leading a dream group.

Being a Great Dreamer means unfolding to your greatest potentials and becoming the conscious creator of your life. Dreams are the mirror that reflect back to us our inner Truth. This means that our dreams show us all that we are capable of, our greatest yearnings and potentials, everything that is holding us back from fully expressing and living these potentials, and the solutions for how to overcome those blocks.

Being able to speak the language of your dreams puts you in direct relationship to this bigger inner Self. Here, dreams become the tools to your transformation, specifically guiding you on how to move past stuck places so that you can envision, and make manifest, your Self and the life you are meant to lead. As you begin to move to new and expanded spaces within yourself you step into the mystery of being. Here you will find the questions that lead you to meaning and purpose, and re-discover the magic in the ordinary.

Taking this track you will:

  • Learn steps for working with your dreams
  • Know the four levels of dreams and how to apply those four levels to waking life
  • Learn how to identify the necessity of dreams and how to address them
  • Know the difference between unresolved and resolved dreams, and learn how to bring a dream to resolution
  • Transform nightmares
  • Know how to speak the language of images and dreams
  • Create a map of your inner self that you will use to move past blocks and stuck places and into expanded places of feeling and response
  • Learn the steps for manifesting the messages of your dreams in waking life

You will also explore lucid dreams, and the role they play in overcoming obstacles, and learn how to step into the creative space of question.

After taking this track you will:

  • Have life-long tools for consciously creating a vibrant and meaningful life
  • Be able to work with your dreams individually
  • Be able to start and lead your own dream group

The Great Dreamer Track consists of these classes:

  • 10-week series Beginners Dream Group Class
  • 10-week series Advanced Dream Group Class
  • 10-week series Life Plan
  • 10-week series Manifestation Master Class
  • Two 10-week series private sessions for individual work*

*Private sessions allow space to take the experiences from the classes and go more deeply and more personal. They are taken in a series of 10 consecutive sessions (one per week). Consecutive sessions allow for a focused, concentrated work that will yield greater results. While the other classes in the track must follow the specific order specified, the two private session series can be planned at any time during your path on the track.

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