Bonnie Buckner, PhD


Executive Coaching

Upping your game means daring to be all that you are capable of.

WHAT: Executive coaching sessions are individually targeted to help you shift past your specific patterns and blocks. You’ll experience working with your imagination to learn how to overcome your challenges to leadership, transform past doubts and insecurities, make sound decisions quickly, and resolve conflicts that would otherwise hold you and your employees back. You will surprise yourself with new-found capabilities you will discover, and how your work becomes infused with meaning and purpose.

HOW: Each coaching session is one hour. I work with clients around the world using Skype or Facetime. Techniques used include dream techniques, imagery exercises and creativity-building tools. You can schedule a single session here. Session packages are also available.

WHY: Dreaming is a language of creative problem solving. It’s about using the imagination to cut through the noise of outside voices, limits, judgments, constraints, and competition to find what’s true for you and your company. It’s a different way of thinking, it’s a different approach. If you’ve been approaching your work by doing the same thing and not getting where you want to go, it’s time to try something new.

Consulting for Businesses & Organizations

Create a bigger vision and stimulate your creative potential.

WHY: You are the vehicles to create powerful change in the world. You can make something little, or you can make something dynamic that is filled with purpose and meaning, reflects your greatest potential, and creates a meaningful impact.

STORY: Part of our work together is to find your group's Story - the reason behind why you do what you do, and why that is necessary in the world. From this vision you will develop the potential of your employees and executives, direct your focus, and energetically connect with clients and constituents.

CREATIVITY: Creativity scores have been dropping over the last twenty years.  Without creativity, innovation can't occur. Working together you will gain tools, steps, and methods for breaking through creative blocks, learn new perspectives for problem-solving, and hone your ability to engage the creative process.

HOW: I work with executives, management, or teams worldwide, from any size or type of organization, using Adobe video conferencing platform which allows me to create a virtual library for your group. By request I create in-person multi-day workshops.

WHAT: Sessions and workshops cover a variety of topics; including Creativity, Problem Solving, Decision-Making, StoryOpenings™ , or custom-designed topics based on your needs. To talk about working together, Click here.


Dr. Buckner New to this approach? The Starter Pack is three targeted sessions that gives you a taste of the work and how it can work for you.

What you get:

                  • Session 1: Basic dreaming need-to-know; Identifying your real question
                  • Session 2: What are your blocks; How you transform them
                  • Session 3: Envisioning your new future; Your next steps to get there.

In just three sessions you’ll have solid guidelines for how to start thinking about your life from a new perspective.

So whether your concerns are “What’s my next step?”, or “What should I be doing with my life?”; “How do I make this decision?”, or “How do I break through my creative block?”, the Starter Pack will give you new insights, tools, and vantage points to solve your problems and get on your path.


2 Classes Specifically Useful for Executives :

Executive Spirit Walk.
For the career professional, up your game by learning creative problem solving techniques, transform boredom and routine into purpose and meaning, develop successful relationships with collaborators and colleagues.
Creative Success: From Idea to Creation in 10 Weeks.
For creative and executive professionals, break through blocked patterns to creatively manifest a project.

Booking a Speaking Event

Looking for an inspirational speaker or workshop for an upcoming conference, event or retreat? Bonnie is available to speak and teach on a variety of topics that educate and inspire. Whether you are looking for someone to speak at your business, organization, conference, or retreat center, Dr. Buckner can help you create a successful event. Contact Bonnie about booking your event or workshop.

People Who Have Worked With Me Have :

  • Broken through creative paralysis to write and produce music CDs; go on multi-city national music tours; produce and direct national theatrical performances; complete PhDs; host a nationally syndicated talk show; establish a film-production company; and, write and produce documentaries, reality-based and fiction projects.
  • Left 9-5 jobs and started successful companies with Fortune 500 companies as clients.
  • Stepped out of the rat race to start-up entrepreneurial initiatives, or create new management and partnership configurations, that allow them to set their own schedules and pace and reclaim life with their families and self.
  • Made mid-career leaps from corporate to creative, and from creative to corporate.
  • Found and resurrected buried talents.
  • Discovered paths that make their lives meaningful and purpose-filled.

Story Openings

Every organization has a story. What is yours?

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