Midwest Book Review: Dream Your Self Into Being

“Dream Your Self into Being is a strongly recommended addition to general spirituality and inspirational collections, not to be missed.” Full Review

Living in the Information Age

I’ve been writing a bit lately about the dangers of living, and believing, in what we are calling the Information Age. One danger is to equate facts with knowledge. Or to hold facts as primacy. Invention itself almost never (if ever!) comes from facts. Rather, invention comes from stepping out of the illusion of facts […] Read more

Jul, 08, 2013



What is the Genesis of Story? Images, of course!

I gave a workshop earlier this year for the New Leader’s Council on Story, specifically for this group of young political and social advocates we explored the genesis and composition of story so that they could construct the story of their cause to successfully convey it to others. So .. what is the genesis of […] Read more

Jul, 08, 2013



Monday Book Nook: My Garden

So, the Monday Book Nook came about from my weekly Shabbat readings, which are often inspiring and worth telling others about. But not every Shabbat do I read or listen to something. In fact, I recently passed a Shabbat listening…. not to a DVD or an audio book, but to the sounds in my garden. […] Read more

Monday Book Nook: 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama, by Rick Ray

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama, documentary by filmmaker Rick Ray. This almost didn’t make it onto the Book Nook list simply because the film spends the first forty minutes narrated by Ray as he goes on a personal journey to prepare himself for meeting the Dalai Lama – personal info I didn’t really find […] Read more

Monday Book Nook: Bill Moyers’ interview of activist Vandana Shiva

Bill Moyers’ interview of activist Vandana Shiva. I have often mentioned Dr. Shiva in posts, as she greatly inspires me on a personal level, as well as stands at the fore of causes I feel very strongly about. In this interview Dr. Shiva shows several principles of dreaming. First, she points out the story (pshat) […] Read more

Monday Book Nook: Rivers and Tides, by Andy Goldsworthy

Rivers and Tides, by Andy Goldsworthy. This is a documentary about the artist Andy Goldsworthy, who works only with found materials in nature; for example, when making an ice sculpture he wets (often by licking) the ends of the ice pieces in order to adhere them to each other. The documentary follows him as he […] Read more

Time to Ponder

I recently had dinner with a great dreamer, and we were discussing the consequences of an information-at-fingertips society. I told her I had recently noticed a pattern with all my clients to immediately follow my last word with a series of questions, stepping over the period at the end of my sentence, without even waiting […] Read more

Jun, 10, 2013



Monday Book Nook: The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. There’s a reason this book is a modern classic – it reminds us that all of life is the adventure of our Self from our humble beginnings to becoming the heroes of our own making. And there’s a second reason I am recommending it for the Monday Book Nook – […] Read more

Monday Book Nook: Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered by Woody Tasch

If you’ve been following my Book Nooks you’re probably noticing a theme about now: Soil. Or food. Or the environment. They weave in and out and include each other. A major area of interest of mine are these three concerns and how and why the Western culture has evolved to become so enthralled with linear […] Read more

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