The Other Side of Repeating

I’m going to tell you a story about manifesting. Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a man named Abraham who worked for his father.  His brother also worked for their father. What was the family business?  Making idols.  Not a bad business – you could sell 10 or 15 on a […] Read more

Sep, 07, 2015



Days of Light and Illusion

Summer. It’s the season of Sun, where everything is characterized by the light. The days are the longest of the year, the nights the shortest, and we rush outside to spend as much time as possible in the full light. It’s the time when everything is fully viewed : we see and notice the trees, […] Read more

Jul, 07, 2015



A Response to Global Events- And 5 Ways to Make a Difference Right Now

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails with concerns about recent world events, particularly this week’s events in Paris. The emails have been filled with everything from anger to despondence, judgments, helplessness, finger-pointing, and fear. One email simply said : “The world is becoming a really scary place”. How are we to understand these recent […] Read more

Lucid Dreaming

Every time I give a talk about dreams I am asked about lucid dreaming. It seems that there is a tendency to think that lucid dreaming is a separate category of dreams. Lucid dreaming is seen as the pinnacle of dreaming “prowess”, some kind of distinguisher between “advanced dreaming” and “all the rest”, as if […] Read more

This is a blog about personal power.

This is a blog about personal power. What is personal power? Personal power is embodying the Self and its natural tendencies of fluidity, flexibility, possibility. Personal power is looking without judgment at blocks and challenges, and using the power of the imagination to resolve and move through them. Personal power is identifying our uniqueness and […] Read more

How to Start a Dream Group

First of all, why would anyone start a dream group? The short answer is that dreams are important. Dreams are the language of our being. They tell us who we are, where we are, what our potential is, where we are blocked, and how to get past that block in order to fulfill our potential. […] Read more

The Art of Be-Ing: A Blog for Summer

One of the great miracles of humankind is our ability to Do. We do things like turn yeast and water and wheat into breads, cakes, and pies; we build bridges and tall buildings; we take photographs, write books, make business appointments and return emails. Often, however, we become so enamored with our ability to Do […] Read more

Jul, 07, 2014



Monday Book Nook: Dream Birth by Catherine Shainberg

Dream Birth, by Catherine Shainberg. My dream teacher, Catherine Shainberg, has written a book aimed at the birthing process. By process I mean comprehensive: from the first inklings of maybe thinking about maybe having a baby (and how to navigate that) to the acting on it and working on getting pregnant, to being pregnant, to […] Read more

Monday Book Nook: Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan, by Jamie Zeppa

Part of becoming a great dreamer is to be comfortable with change. In this wonderful book author Zeppa, a young woman who had never traveled outside her native Canada, chronicles her journey accepting a rare (22 people a year for the whole country) teaching job in remote Bhutan. Absolutely fearlessly she writes all her feelings […] Read more


Change is the one thing that is a constant in our lives, and yet it seems to be that which we most struggle with. Why is it that seasons seamless flow into one another, days effortlessly become shorter or longer, and yet humans grasp onto sameness with rigid, tight grips? What is the secret to […] Read more

Feb, 27, 2014



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