Stepping Outside “Story”

“It had not occurred to me that anyone in his family could actually make something. All I had heard about them was how poor they were. So that it had become impossible for me to see them as anything BUT poor.” – Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie What happens when we get stuck in “Story”? Ourselves, […] Read more

Aug, 09, 2017



Renewal – the Trick of the Snake

The snake has a bad reputation. It’s often put in the same boat with villains, lending to devious descriptions such as “snake in the grass” and “sneaky as a snake”. In fact, serpents are dreaming creatures, and they have a lot to teach us about renewal. They say that Alexander the Great once asked to […] Read more

A Modern Day Hero

One of my heroes is my nephew, Will, who just graduated university with a degree in Cultural Geography. When Will was a teenager in High School he saw a report on the news of the devastation of the town of Joplin, Missouri, by tornadoes. That spring, while the rest of his friends were planning sunny […] Read more

Power – A New Definition

Words are tricky. We tend to think common words carry the same meaning for everyone; that the word itself IS the meaning, rather than a vehicle carrying unique nuances and understandings for each user. We forget that for each word, each concept, each person has their own image for what that word and concept means. […] Read more

May, 07, 2017



A Little Drop of Oil

(An Open Letter of Thanks to the Egalitarian Minyan of Frankfurt-am-Main and the Larger Jewish Community in Germany) What do you do when your world is destroyed? As Jews, we know what it is to have worlds destroyed. The world was once destroyed by a flood; the sovereign Jewish nation was split in two and […] Read more

With a Little Reflection, a Change of Heart

This blog was originally published by Limmud On One Leg March 23, 2017. It is a commentary on Torah portion Vayakhel-Pekudei. Vayakhel-Pekudei recounts the actual building of the Mishkan, following instructions stated earlier in Parsha Terumah. ________________________ With a little reflection, a change of heart. Vayakel-Pekudei finds us coming forward with an outpouring of self […] Read more

Finding the Good

The Western medical lens focuses on pain, viruses, and germs, which it sees as “bad”, and then focuses on their elimination. The same approach is employed in Western politics: enemies are “bad”, eliminate them. In economics, eliminate that which isn’t producing – companies, products, or employees. In everyday Western life eliminate all fats, oils, and […] Read more

The Practical Side to Dreaming: Five Answers to “Why Dream?”

Say “dreaming” and people often think of the esoteric, something abstract, “woo-woo”, and “out-there”. In fact, dreaming is extremely tangible, practical, and right-now. If you want to change your life, dreaming is an important way of doing it. Here’s 5 reasons how and why. 1. Deciding to pay attention to your dreaming is deciding to […] Read more

Oct, 20, 2016



Putting Some Kick in It: Three Tips for Spicing up Your Dreaming Practice

How’s your dreaming practice these days? If you’re like me, from time to time dreams get pushed to the back burner. We go through phases when life is exceptionally busy, we’re exceptionally tired, and we don’t feel like bothering with writing and working with our dreams. We murmur to ourselves, half-asleep, “Ugh, I’m so tired. […] Read more

Making Peace

It doesn’t come as a surprise to say that the world at the moment is embroiled in a tremendous amount of discord. We’ve seen several particularly difficult events happen over the last year. After every event, in emails, posts, and conversations, we ask how this could have happened. How could we live in a world […] Read more

Sep, 01, 2016



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