Bonnie Buckner, PhD

About Dreaming

Your destiny in life can be shown through your dreams.

Inside each of us is a blueprint for who we’re meant to be – our life path, as well as our destiny to be a free, creative, unique, contributing, and joyful individual. This same blueprint also comes with instructions for how to build it – how to overcome what is blocking us, and how to manifest what is possible for ourselves. We access this blueprint and instructions through our dreams.

But sometimes life feels like a nightmare.

We are all the time dreaming ourselves into being. Either we are dreaming our true blueprint - which is vibrant, alive, purpose-filled, and creative - or we are dreaming nightmares of where our dreaming has become stuck, blocked, paralyzed, or stale.

Nightmares show themselves by repeated patterns in life, relationships, work, events and reactions to these events. We know we are dreaming nightmares if we feel fatigued, bored, uninspired, “over-it”, stuck, depressed, anxious, angry, irritated, or fearful. Patterns are a default behavior – they bore us by their repetition; we fear being stuck forever. Patterns are another way of saying our old stories – we tell them endlessly to ourselves and others like stuck records.

Because pattern means repeating, if we want our lives to be different we have to stop saying and doing the same things. To do this means returning to dreaming the true blueprint which is alive, fluid, invigorating, and always new.

You can change it.

My work is to help you see what YOU already know – THE ANSWERS.

Nightmares can make us feel we’ve lost our way, or that life has stopped offering us anything of value. We go through the motions in our day-to-day routines, but remain empty inside. We forget that we have a dream of Self. However, nightmares are the call to wake up to our Self and return to dreaming the true dream.

Everyone one of us already has all the answers inside. When we wake up and begin to dream again we step out of the patterns of doubt, should’s, saying no to ourselves, and other criticisms to find the freedom and blueprint for our Self. The dark images of our nightmares, which show our blocked energies, can be transformed to clear, fluid ones through waking dream and imagery exercises. In dreaming, we have the map for the road back when we get off track. Sometimes, though, we need a little help seeing all of this – this is my job.

I act as your dream guide. I shine a flashlight on your journey of your Self. I show you how to re-discover your true Self and build your new life. In our work together you will find your own answers and realize your potential. You’ll be freed from the barriers – anxiety, worries, stress, feeling a lack of purpose or lack of energy and enthusiasm in life - which you’ve created for yourself. By helping you break through these barriers you can return to the vibrant and creative life proscribed by your blueprint. This restores back to you meaning, purpose, and freedom.


Dreaming is all the time – you are dreaming as you read this! By returning to the natural language of dreaming you begin the step of self-discovery and transformation.

You can learn how by working with me in individual sessions, through classes, or by taking workshops. I work with clients from around the world, and all are offered both in person and online using Skype, Google+ or other video platforms. Several techniques are used, including imagery and waking dream exercises, and reversing. Classes and workshops are taught on various subjects, all offering doors to look inside, identify blocks, and step beyond them.

It’s as simple as closing your eyes…

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