Bonnie Buckner, PhD

Powerful transformation through imagery and dreaming

About Bonnie

Dr. Buckner


I teach dreaming and imagery techniques to individuals and organizations for inner, individual development; to stimulate creativity, surmount blocks, and manifest projects; and, to find creative solutions to social and global challenges. I work with social entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, change-makers, individuals from all walks of life, and social change focused organizations interested in transformation. My book, Dream Your Self into Being, teaches some of the basics of this work and how I have used them in my personal life. My co-project Dream Your World teaches these skills to girls and young women ages 8 – 29.

I am a former adjunct lecturer for Fielding Graduate University’s Master’s Program in Media Psychology and Social Change, and co-developed and taught a course in Transmedia Storytelling for the University of California, Irvine. I hold a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis in media; my academic work centers on the study and use of images as cognitive tools for behavioral change and as the means by which we build communities, society, and culture. I have spoken on these topics at numerous international conferences, including Broadcast Educator’s Association, Immersive Media Summit, International Association for the Study of Dreams, and many more.

I co-founded a political-media research company called MicroFocus Media with clients including presidential and other high-level campaigns. At the community level I have spearheaded numerous community development programs including planting over 300 trees in urban Los Angeles, serving on the launch board for the Wilshire Center-KoreaTown business council, and the grant selection committee for the Los Angeles Mayor's Community Beautification office. I served 5 years on the GLAAD film and television board, and I have produced documentary programming.

The foundation of my dreaming work is over 15 years’ study of a Kabbalistic approach to dreaming and imagery from the ancient tradition taught by the late Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat and taught to me by her student Dr. Catherine Shainberg, from the School of Images. I am equally informed by my other great teacher of Kabbalah, Rabbi Gershon Winkler from Walking Stick, whose teachings of the ancient texts on the profundity, mystery, and psychology of existence underlie my work.

At the base of all my work is the belief that inside each of us are all the tools we need to overcome our blocks, and that engaging in doing so beckons forth our greatest potentials. It is through this inner-looking that we find meaning and purpose in our lives.

A Note From Bonnie

Dr. BucknerMy whole life I have been a dreamer. My earliest dream memory is a nightmare at age three, from which I awoke with the knowing that I would learn to master and transform my dreams and then teach this to others. I have been following my dreams, and using them to chart my path in life, ever since.

Learning to understand and work with your dreams is learning how to manifest the life you want. Dreams tell you who you are, what you’re capable of, where you’re blocked, and how to transform. Dreaming is a diving in to the mysterious universe of the Self and an integral part of our spiritual search. At the same time, dreaming is fundamentally practical – dreams provide real tools for powerful self-transformation and manifestation. Ultimately, becoming a Great Dreamer is to learn how to create positive change in yourself and your life, and to find for yourself that you already have all the answers inside you.

Dreaming is necessary and yet it is lost in today’s world – we stick to the mind, to facts, to science. Having a visionary experience is necessary to step out of repeating histories, repeating patterns, and dead-ends, and to enter the realm of new ideas, creative solutions, and true responses to the problems we face as individuals and as a global society. EVERY INDIVIDUAL DREAM is important: each time even one of us transforms from a nightmare to clarity we bring Light into the entire world. This translates to the families, neighborhoods, companies, and societies we make. Whether I am working with individuals or working with groups or companies the impact is the same: for each transformation, the world is bettered.

Overcoming nightmares, and daring to dream and manifest the true Self through dreaming, has been my personal dream. What’s your dream?

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